2012 August NaHaiWriMo Haiku

hi all, here’s my productive August x-perience, n-joy!

01082012 heart
prompt by Kat Creighton

wandering with wind
her heart
is full of haiku

02082012 full moon
prompt by Judith Gorgone

full moon…
sniffing each other

03082012 sand
prompt by Vincent Hoarau

wet sand(ing)…
the tender touch
of the warm sand

04082012 karumi
prompt by John Carley

swatted flies—
long dead before
the police came

05082012 exploration
prompt by Michael Nickels-Wisdom

the smells of wine
bring us together

06082012 hope
prompt by Johnny Baranski

rejection letters
holding her heart home
where the iris grows

07082012 star myths.
prompt by Linda Papanicolaou

my brain begins
connecting dots

08082012 spider
prompt by Sheila Windsor

water rises
out of control—
the spider’s spin

09082012 tidepool
prompt by Patty Hardin

in the shallows
of a tidepool
your blue eyes

10082012 grass
Prompt by Melissa Allen

summer slump
I could barely keep up
with the grass

11082012 watermelon
prompt by Stella Pierides

of moon and stars
the hollow sound
of palm thumping

‎12082012 holiday activities
prompt by Annie Juhl

autumn breaks
in the balcony garden
coloring pages

13082012 love
prompt by Gillena Cox

what a patience
the sea welcomes
the river wild

14082012 enlightenment
prompt by Carlos Colon

wild mountain passes
in the horseman’s eyes
art and sketching meet

15082012 chile pepper
prompt by Paul David Mena

the devil
in his face— red
chilli’s heat

16082012 birth
prompt by Christina Nguyen

the fragile hands
of the author…
a newborn life

17082012 lion
prompt by Alee Imperial Albano

resting for hours
beneath a bristled tree
a deposed lord

18082012 boats
Prompt by Alison Williams

nautically obsessed;
a father and son
blowing a leaf boat

19082012 humidity
Prompt by Susan Delphine Delaney

ultra green sweat bees
in the garden pool
cooling their bodies

‎20082012 surrender
prompt by Chrissi Villa

sweet surrender
from heart to belly
the yoga breath

21082012 driftwood
prompt by Kathabela Wilson

You, chosen and not
cast away—
the driftwood

22082012 forgotten things
prompt by Alan Summers

yellow day lilies…
your legal rights to claim
absence of brain cells

23082012 heat
prompt by Pris Campbell

summer is here

you see the crack,
a bitterweed!

24082012 seam
prompt by Susan Murata

roots on earth
holding together

by stitches

25082012 summertime childhood memory
prompt by Cara Holman

with my dad
farm fishing

guarded by fences

26082012 time
prompt by Jessica Tremblay

‘tween the past and the future—
the bud
still a bud

27082012 Beatles song
prompt by Johannes S. H. Bjerg


I feel so free


27082012 Beatles song- A Haiku Tribute to Beatles

while my guitar gently weeps
act naturally

n.b: pure beatles song in it, smile!

28082012 wishes or dreams
prompt by Pamela Cooper

of wishes and dreams
the white lily’s shape
a time of rebirth

29082012 healthcare
prompt by Dave Serjeant

the sucking reflex
of a kitten

30082012 fence
prompt by Terri L. French

ha-ha* the lightness and limitations of your goal

*sunken fence

31082012 moon viewing
prompt by Alex Benedict

the wispy tails
of pampas grass
starting to grace

a blue moon sky
behind the trees

crisp autumn

– the end, (^_-)! –


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