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50 Haikus, Volume 1 Issue 2

50 Haikus, Volume 1 Issue 2— Featuring haiku by: Thom Norgang, Joann Grisetti, Bryan Bridges, Matt Dennison, Joe Nicholas, Ramesh Anand, Raymond Gibson, Luke Roe, Ashok Rajamani, Kaila Philo, Jack Galmitz, Ross McCooey, Colin W Campbell, Damon Ferrell Marbut, Chris Gusek, Sherry Steiner, Jan Evans, Frank Geurrandeno, Miriam Sagan, Susan Koenig, David Williams, Elliot Greiner, Elaine Mattingly, Ernesto P. Santiago, Anna Yin, C.M. Rivers, Darlyn, Pattie Flint, Tyson West, Zoë McLaughlin, Simon Kewin, Linda G Hatton, Roger Pfingston

(to purchase a copy, click the image)

VerseWrights: Poet Ernesto P. Santiago

read me, click on the image.

Poems For The Hazara


Poems For The Hazara, Exec. Editor Kamran Mir Hazar

Poems For The Hazara

Lakeview Vol. 1, No. 2 August 2013

yay! am in here… Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts Vol. 1, No. 2 August 2013 issue, India, and in its Special Feature: haiku and related poetic forms, on pp. 325 are my humble haiku, read below.

out at sea the dawn wind touch of Kaddish

matryoshka doll
a tourist re-examines
the pain(t) of history

Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts Vol. 1, No. 2 August  2013

(click the image to read the issue)

Oglinda Literară #140, August 2013

yay, my poems translated into Romanian language! and am so honored to be featured in Oglinda Literară #140, August 2013. Oglinda Literară- revista de civilizatie, cultura si atitudine— one of the best cultural magazines in Romania.

(n.b.: Oglinda Literară #140 is in Romanian language, but still you can read my poems published bilingual English-Romanian. have a look, click the image)

chestnut moon

frogpond vol. 36:1– i am here, and here’s mine…

chestnut moon
no need
to smell the cork


new moon—

my haiku «new moon—» Haiku News Vol. 2 No.15:

new moon—
a pope emerges
from scandal

Haiku News Vol 2 No.15

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