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‎30092012 true/harsh juxtaposition/disjunction: haiku in two distinct parts


amazing grace—
the water in the well
as it flows out

29092012 how we treat the earth


oil spilled;
a passing dolphin
towed to shore

dumping garbage…
to my neighbor I return
what they owned

crude oil in the sea
and the mantis shrimps—
seeing more colors?

orange sunset…
the color of shrimps
born without eyes

recycled materials;
these cups and bowls— the birds’ nests
from leaves and sticks

28092012 space exploration


walking on the moon
still fresh in people’s minds
global recession

space exploration—
the dust travels back
to its former place

dancing astronauts
in the outer space—
a good swarm of dust?

disaster in space—
the taikonaut’s small flaw
in chow chow’s silence

is the moon moving
away from the earth?
who wants to go first?

of the outer space
the great importance
of money to spend

27092012 a one-line haiku- jux & cut(s)/break(s)


mind a small patch of flowers awakening

of her love letter


of her love letter
the collectible stamp
of bar-headed geese


-honorable mention in Diogen Autumn Haiku 2012. hmm, not bad! but oops, they misspelled my country!

(click on the image above to read Diogen Autumn Haiku 2012 winning haiku.)

‎26092012 the impossible true


the earth smells
after it rains
of fishes

‎25092012 the news


golden dawn
on the rise—
the black sea

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