«HAIKU is so addictive! I keep on doing…Haiku + Haiku = Haiku. Hmm, I think I need SENRYU to slow down my addiction!»–Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago

And what is senryu? Well, it is a three line Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku. in terms of structure and length. It is unrhymed poetry and the subject is based human nature. It is usually satirical or ironic. Sometimes, and some experts see it as human haiku, which include only references to some aspect of human nature– physical or psychological. Here is Basho’s most famous senryu: The robber, / if I catch, / my own son. Ok, for now enjoy some of my senryu below, smile!

like a red apple
— each day I so long for you
to depart from me!

the morning sunrise
— what a shining smile
I can’t have today!

summer ends
the jazz party
with whistles

the rose I like
to feel nice

old mirror–
the pale pigment
of aging

the twisted sound
of back talks

oh, let me…
hug the monkey
on your back

the quicksand
holding my weight
against me

high tide, low tide
which one’s you?

red, red wine
… you never taste
my anger

blonde hen lays
the no sex mode,
cock argues

hour, hourglass
— from whom you turn,
turn your back

–All senryu are copyrighted by the author–


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